Ryan’s Mother Was a Bully

Sarah Suffered Tragically


This is a true story. The names have been changed to “Sarah” and her boyfriend “Ryan”.

Fifteen year old Sarah discovered that she was pregnant, her parents were disappointed yet very supportive.


Sarah wanted to keep her baby.


At 5 1/2 months, Ryan’s Mother made the arrangements for an abortion and took Sarah to the Hospital to complete the procedure.


Sarah’s parents were not informed or consulted.


Fifteen year old Sarah was vulnerable and overpowered by the persuasion of Ryan and his Mother.

Sarah returned home crying hysterically and could not be comforted.


Sarah’s parents were also devastated.

It is our mission to encourage the Saskatchewan Government to introduce and pass legislation that requires Parental Consent for minors seeking an abortion.

Parental Consent is not required for Abortion


Parental Consent is required to:

  • Take a Tylenol at School
  • Play on a Sports Team
  • Go on a School Outing


We need Legislation that ensures at least one parent or Legal Guardian is included in this decision.

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